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So, I know there are static electrode encouters in the team rocket HQ in Crystal that you're forced to catch or faint because of the story line, but I had in mind shiny hunting them, for fun. I know it's a high risk because they all know explosion
I need answers for these questions:
-if I run away and try to encounter the same electrode, will the game reroll its shiny odds?
- How to avoid that the electrode picks self-destruct?

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Yes the game will reroll it's shiny odds. This is the case for most, (but not all) static encounters in the series.

Because this is Gen 2, abilities do not exist yet, which means you cannot use a Pokemon that knows Damp. Imprison was also introduced in Gen 3, which means you can't use it either. Prior to Gen 3 it is impossible to make sure that a Pokemon does not use a kamikaze move.

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You could put the Pokémon to sleep to delay its chances of getting a Self-Destruct off, but you can’t outright prevent it like you can in later Gens.
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Ok so yes it does re roll the shiny odds and if you can get the sleep of with low hp it will be easy nut other than that no other option from preventing it to use explosion.