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Um so, I read online that breeding with a Ditto would make it so that the offspring has the dittos Ivs and thus can’t be shiny if the ditto isn’t shiny. I was hoping to breed my shiny female Pikachu with a regular ditto to get a shiny male Pichu, to breed for a shiny Eevee. But, would this work? Gen 2 shiny mechanics are confusing me

"These breeding mechanics also mean that if a child inherits its IVs from a Pokémon that does not have a Defense IV of 10 and a Special IV of 2 or 10, it cannot be Shiny."

I think the Ditto doesn't have to be shiny, but it has to meet very certain requirements.

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Short answer:No
Long answer:
Alright, so first let’s discuss how shiny stats are passed down. If the male parent has shiny stats, then the female children will inherit these (and vise versa), and said children have about a 1/64 chance of being a shiny. This gives you about a 1/128 chance as the other gender Pokemon doesn’t have 1/64 odds.

Now this brings us to Ditto.
If ditto is a parent, all children get it’s stats. That means when a shiny ditto is bred, all children have 1/64 odds. However, a regular ditto won’t let any Pokémon get the shiny stats, even if the other parent is shiny. Shiny ditto is surely helpful, but not required.

It would be better to breed your Pikachu with something other than a Ditto.

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Shiny Ditto isn't necessary for shiny hunting, but it's useful when breeding shinies.
You have 1/64 change to get a shiny through breeding with a shiny parent.

Source: Knowledge and experience.