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So aparrently theses a red Gyarados that can be used to make everything else it breeds with Shiny? Because it inherits it’s IVs?) also does that mean If I get Pokémon with the correct Ivs they will always breed shinies?

And Ditto’s transform causing shinies?

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Sorry if this was already asked but I need answers.
Gen 2 Doesn't guarantee shiny eggs ever. Breeding a Shiny Pokémon with a Non-Shiny in Gen 2 has a 1/64 chance of producing a shiny. In theory, you could breed 2 shinies to get a higher chance; however, due to the gen 2 breeding mechanics, the game will recognize both Pokémon being from the same family and prevent them from breeding. :P
Because it inherits IVs? And that’s all that about Gyarados?

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In Generation II games, the baby inherits its stats from the parent of the opposite gender, unless one parent is Ditto, and in that case it inherits the stats from Ditto. The Defense IV is passed, and also either the Special IV or the Special IV plus or minus 8 (plus for values in the 0-7 range; minus for values in the 8-15 range); the Special IV has a 50% chance of remaining the same. Attack and Speed IVs are determined entirely at random, whereas HP is determined by the IVs of the other four stats, using the same formula for wild Pokémon. The probability of a Pokémon having the same IVs as its opposite-gender parent is therefore 1/512.

If the Defense IVs of two partners are the same, and the Special IVs are either the same or differ by 8, the two Pokémon are incompatible. This is due to the high likelihood of a family relation, hence the inability to breed.

In Generation II, due to Shininess being determined by IVs and the fact that IVs are passed down through breeding, it is possible for an Egg bred from a Shiny Pokémon to have a chance as high as 1/64 of being Shiny itself, but only if the offspring is of the opposite gender as the Shiny parent. This is not possible in any later generations due to Shininess no longer being related to IVs.