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I've just used the Celebi Egg trick twice on cartridge (Crystal) to get myself a Celebi, and then a Mew. No issues encountered, and pretty straightforward. I went to check DVs using an online calculator (w/ rare candies) and noticed that both of their stats are a bit strange; they get flagged as 'out of bounds'. In fact, they're almost normal, but the speed is a tad higher than it could possibly be.

For instance, my level 6 Mew has:

  • 28 HP
  • 17 Attk & Def
  • 18 Special Atk & Def
  • 20 Speed

However a level 6 Mew cannot have 20 Speed without any Stat Exp (regardless of its DV), which mine doesn't. The 'impossible' stat on my Celebi is also the Speed stat.

This got me wondering how the egg's DVs are determined in the process of doing this glitch. I couldn't find much information on this but I'd love to hear from anyone who knows about it! Perhaps this will also explain why the Speed stat is not right in the outcome as well.

I don't know enough about the glitch you used to answer this properly, but I'm confident the answer is along the lines that the Mew "inherited" Stat Exp during the process. In the same way the glitch would have shifted the ID for Acid Armour into the species slot (giving you #151 Mew), it may have shifted data into the space for Stat Exp.
I had a look for documentation that says this won't happen and couldn't find any (and I'm confident any possibility that DVs will be >15 would be documented, so you can probably rule that out).
Did you, by any chance, post this on Reddit too?
@Fizz ah interesting, that would make sense! I guess this leaves the question of how the DVs are set in the first place.
@Crystal Maybach Yes I did. It didn't receive replies so I figured that might not be the best place for a fairly niche gen 2 question, and I've had good experience on these question boards with answers about gen 2 game mechanics in the past :)

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