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I am new to breeding in Pokemon. I don't think it is possible, but I figured I would ask the community after not being able to find an answer. Is there any way to get two egg moves, that are from two different species, onto a single Pokemon of a 3rd species?

Example: A horsea with both the moves Protect (from shellder) and Dragon rage (from gyrados)

I do have much to learn, but am working at it. Thanks for your time :D


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Only through chain breeding onto a male Pokémon that can also learn both. For example, Pokémon A learns Move A through level-up, Pokémon B learns Move A as an egg move and Move B through level-up, and Pokémon C, your target, learns both moves as egg moves. Pokémon that learn a move by TM will also inherit the move if the male parent knows it.

There is unfortunately no easier way to do this, since the female Pokémon can’t pass down egg moves in Gen 2, so you have to load all of them onto the male.

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Oh I didn't think of chainbreeding from smeargle to the horsea.  Smeargle --> Ekans,  Ekans-->dratini,  then dratini --> horsea.  That way dratini knows protect and dragon rage when bred.  Thank you very much for your reply!  Helped get the gears going.