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Training for Johto Elite four (first time going through). Im trying to find a good spot to train my team for the elite four in Pokemon crystal specifically
My team is as follows:
Feraligatr - 39
Noctowl - 34
Jynx - 30
Rhydon - 35
Magneton - 33
Magmar - 35

Edit: thanks for all the answers I've gotten but I no longer need the help. I have beaten the entirety of the game including red. Thanks again for trying to help

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I think you should just repeatedly challenge the Pokemon League until you get enough experience to win.
But every loss, you lose money so this is probs a bad idea
It might be faster to lose that money now and earn it back later than it is to grind on wild Pokemon.

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The trouble with the Johto games is that the level curve is just awful. It'll take you a while to level up at all, let alone enough to challenge the Elite 4. Your best bet is fighting the Pokemon in the Victory Road, the highest levelled wild Pokemon up until that point. Alternatively, you can grind levels in the Daycare, but that may take even longer than Victory Road grinding.

If you want to lighten the load, you can actually dump a few team members. Magmar is fairly unnecessary for the Elite 4, with only a few Pokemon being weak to Fire. Magneton is quite good, but it's probably one of the least useful Pokemon on your team when it comes to the Elite 4.

Edit: sumwun also says Rhydon isn't good for the Elite 4, so you can consider getting rid of that as well.

Hope I helped!

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Why would you recommend dumping Magneton but not Rhydon? Only 4 of the Pokemon League's Pokemon are weak to ground.
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The Victory Road might be your best option because I trained my team for the E4 on the Victory Road

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