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Playing Pokémon Gold, and I have beaten the elite four/champion but when the game restarts I'm not in my room. So I still can't get to Kanto. Do I have to complete a certain amount of the Pokedex or another task, or is my game broken?

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@hatenna I’m 90% sure if you replace the battery in old gameboy games your save data is deleted so I’m also 100% sure you’re on crack or trolling

Op don’t listen to that person’s advice
yes @smoothie i can you back you up with that if you change the battery the save does not carry over it will make you restart.This is true for all games so @angry ditto plz don't listen to hattena.
I will try to get a video.
@loki and @smoothie i wouldn't know how to change the game battery anyway, so i wouldn't want to fiddle with it anyway.
@loki In RSE, the battery is used to run a clock and nothing else, so changing that should not delete the save file. I have successfully done this once on a copy of Emerald. FRLG and all newer games have no battery, so changing the battery deletes the save file only in the first 2 generations.
Sorry I haven't answered had some personal stuff to deal with.
Here is the link to the vid, I hope it works ect.

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