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I'm playing crystal in japanese and oh my god

catching tutorial

guy goes to his bag

NO POKEBALLS. just one (1) potion. it's like it read my bag instead of the NPC's.

and now the game is softlocked

im wheezing I was not expecting that. time to restart!

anyways is this a known glitch or what lmfaoooo

Edit: I figure I should add more information!

I was playing as Girl, my name in-game was タイ. I picked Chikorita. Didn’t nickname him or anything.
Played like normal, leveled up a bunch, talked to Professor Elm, went to the route with the catch tutorial. I accidentally pressed yes. I was kind of annoyed by this so I didn’t really pay attention after the battle started, just spammed A. Everything looked normal sprite-wise. Next thing I know, I see it’s on the bag. Music was playing normally. None of the buttons were working. The bag is usually pink when you play as the female protagonist; my bag was blue. Sitting there was a single potion, and text that read:

“ たいりょくお 20かいふくする”

After that, I realized what happened, came here and powered off the game. Last time I saved was at the lab, before picking Chikorita. I skipped the tutorial my second time.

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https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_glitches_(Generation_II) i dont see any glitch about that in here, but im still not sure...
a newly founded glitch maybe?

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It's not a newly found glitch, guys. That doesn't happen accidentally.

Here's a video demonstration. It's a bug that causes the catching demonstrator to take a very long time navigating each menu, giving the impression of a softlock (but not actually causing a softlock). Why this occurs is not known. Apparently, it only happens to Japanese G/S/C.

The game is supposed to show the potion pocket before flicking to the Poke Ball pocket. This just happens very slowly when the bug takes effect.

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Aaah i see, its very interesting.
At least I didn’t imagine it :’)
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TY I have searched the entire google page to find a glitch same as yours but couldn't find any.This maybe a newly found glitch.