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I just saw The legendary beasts in burned tower. when do I catch them? also what other legendarys are there in HeartGold?

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Entei and Raikou start roaming Johto soon after that and you'll have to catch them.
Helpful Hint: Bring a Dugtrio with Arena Trap or a Wobbuffet with you. so they can't flee.

Suicune, on the other hand, doesn't roam Johto. Every time you see him, he runs away before you can battle, until you corner him at Kanto's Route 25, and you battle him.

EDIT: (Didn't see Ho-Oh, sorry.) Ho-Oh you get right after receiving the Rainbow Wing and beating all 8 gyms. He's in the Bell Tower, a place you can't get to until you get the Rainbow Wing.

You can also get Lugia when you go to Kanto and receive it from an Old Man in Pewter City. Then you find him in the Whirl Islands.

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Where do i catch Wobbafet when i have 3 badges? also what about Ho-Oh?
Read the qustion
Simple. YOU DON'T. Get farther through the game before asking such advanced questions.

You find it in the other side of Dark Cave, near Blackthorn City's Route 27, when you have 8 badges.
Is this with lugia in HG?
Yup. Lugia can be found in HG at lvl. 70. But you need to beat the Johto league first.
Now stop asking questions, I have to leave.