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I know that people like don't really use Plusle, but would it work if I use Plusle with a focus sash in doubles/triples and used Entrainment on my other Pokemon to give them the plus boost? I was also planning on spamming protect to make sure the plusle lives...

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I don't think that's worthwhile; for all your trouble, you could just use the dynamic duo Plusle and Minun. If you have a good enough strategy, you can pull off using two NU Pokemon in battle.

In any case, I think that most Pokemon have an ability that warrants better usage by itself, since Plusle is a Pokemon that will faint soon (in this strategy), and therefore you're already down a team member before you've done much. It'd be better if you had something that supported the team more, rather than a Pokemon which will only use one move.

Plusle will faint early on, so if you're using it in a double battle, or a triple battle with the third Pokemon not having Plus or Minus, the Plus bonus is gone when Plusle faints, and you've just negated your Pokemon's original ability which would help it more w/o Plusle on the field.

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Seems like it would work nicely, but you are better off using work up or nasty plot.

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