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I want Pokemon, moves, items and abilities.

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I'll allow this question for now, it seems like people could post some good answers here like the moveset or move combo questions.
So feel free to suggest Pokemon and at least one move for each.
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An annoying combo but it works well...

Weavile with Beat Up
Terrakion with Rock Silde
Whimsicott (Prankster) with Tailwind

Terrakion and Weavile use protect on the first turn then Whimsicott uses Tailwind. Next turn Weavile uses Beat Up, Whimsicott uses Protect Terrakion uses Rock Slide.Use Rock Silde till the battle ends :D

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So if I was in a triple battle, and I had a spiritomb, I would use a shedinja with mimic from the 3rd gen move tutor, and a Pokemon with entrainment, I would begin by having the entrainment Pokemon use entrainment. Then you have shedinja use mimic to get entrainment. Then you use entrainment with your shedinja and on spiritomb.

Spiritomb @ leftovers
EVS: 252 HP 252 Special Defense 4 Defense
Impish Nature (+ Defense -Special Attack)
- Protect
- Substitue
- Shadow Sneak
- Will-O-Wisp

WonderGuard Passer
Shedinja @ Focus Sash
EVS: 252 Attack 252 Speed 4 Special Defense
Adamant Nature (+ Attack -Special Attack)
- Mimic
- Shadow Sneak
- X-Scissor
- Protect

Truant Passer
Durant @ Focus Sash
Trait: Truant
EVS: 8 Hp 248 Attack 252 Speed
Joly Nature (+ Speed - Special Attack)
- Entrainment
- X-Scissor
- Endeavor (FEAR >:D)
- Iron Head

First, you would have durant use entrainment on a threat or just any Pokemon. Then, shedinja would proceed to use mimic on durant. Gaining entrainment. Spiritomb will use protect. Durant would be slacking off with truant, and shedinja would use entrainment on spiritomb. Spiritomb gains wonder guard!

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Earthquake user in the middle, Levitate/Flying users on the other sides. Note: If the person using earthquake has mold breaker, don't use levitaters.

Dont forget Telapathy as well
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Another annoying combo I found useful

Some random Pokemon :P(use Swampert for example)

Aron and Swampert use Protect the first round then Cofagrius uses Trick Room.Now that FEAR Aron can move first spam Endeavor then finish with Cofagrius who uses some move then Swampert who uses some move to a different poke. I have seen this combo in action it works well. If Trick Room ends prepare and have Sandstorm ready.

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-Power Swap Shuckle + Trick Room + anything with Follow Me;
-anything that involves Skill Swap and No Guard;
-Rain Dance/Drizzle + Water Absorb + Swift Swim + Surf

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Any two Pokemon that can learn Helping Hand.
Pokemon that can learn Surf or Earthquake (Surf is preferable).

I have two Lillipups' who know Helping Hand. In my lead position I have Samurott with Surf.

Both Lillipup's use Helping Hand on Samurott, Samurott uses surf and strikes all Pokemon resulting in MAJOR damage even on grass types.

I prefer the use of Surf over Earthquake because it will hit all Pokemon, but Earthquake misses Levitate and Flying.

Using two water absorb lanturns and a latios with surf works better
Helping Hand boosts Surf's power, and Samurott gets STAB from Surf, whereas Latios does not.

But yes water absorb would be another strategy you can use.
You could use water absorb AND helping hand with 2 Vapooreons and then a lead with the highest speed you feel comfortable with, Samurott, a third Vaporeon, or if you want whallop and don't care about speed , try Omastar. You can even go Empoleon with flash cannon for two STABs to choose from in case your opponent has water absorb or it's more worthwhile due to resistances.