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If I had a Manetric on the left, a Vaporeon in the middle and a Rhyperior on the right, and my opponents jolteon that is in the middle uses thunderbolt on vaporeon, which Pokemon gets hit by the thunderbolt?

I just wanted to add: "If the Pokémon is Ground-type, its type-granted immunity will take place before the activation of the Ability's new effect and the Special Attack will not be raised unless it is holding a Ring Target." - http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Lightningrod_(Ability)

Which means in this case, even if Rhydon was faster than Manectric (yea right), Manectric's ability would still activate before Rhydon's.
Correct marzip, but the Pokemon was actually Rhyperior and not Rhydon :3
Oh sorry; misread. I saw Rhy and just thought Rhydon. T___T

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The faster Pokemon is hit by the move.

>If two Pokemon have Lightningrod in a multi battle, the faster Pokemon will draw the attack. In the event of a speed tie, the Pokemon who has been on the field longest will draw the attack.


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The Electric attack will hit the fastest Lightningrod user. Doing some tests on my Black and White 2, Manectric was hit in 100% if a Thunderbolt was used by the middle Pokemon. Thus, I am assuming this was due to the fact that Manetrics superior speed(compared to Rhyperior. There might be another cause for this, but my strongest guess is that it have to do with the speed.