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Using the move Soak on a Shedinja would leave it with only two types of attacks that would kill it (rather than the usual five), one of which (Grass) is an uncommon attack type and the other (Electric) can be redirected to other Pokemon using the Lightningrod ability. I was thinking of a doubles team consisting of the following Pokemon:

Lead 1] Shedinja (X-Scissor, Shadow Sneak, Swords Dance, Protect)
Lead 2] Lumineon, Alomomola, Basculin, Seaking or Golduck (Soak, other utility moves)
Backup 1] Manectric (Lightningrod ability, Discharge, Overheat, Volt Switch, HP Ice)
Backup 2] Infernape (Heat Wave, Grass Knot, Close Combat, Taunt)

My main win condition would revolve around eliminating all ways to take Shedinja out and leaving the opponent pretty much helpless. Since Shedinja is leading off and would obviously never switch out, entry hazards are not a choice anymore. Using Soak to change the types it takes to kill him is key in this, because Grass-type attacks are rare in standard play and almost anything that could possibly carry one would eat a Fire-type attack from Infernape or Manectric. The threat of Electric-type attacks is more immediate but easier to deal with using Manectric's ability to redirect Electric attacks towards it to boost its Special Attack. If the strategy goes off without a hitch, all that could reliably kill Shedinja would be a really unexpected Grass attack, Sand Stream, Snow Warning, or some Pokemon (notably Haxorus) with Mold Breaker. Should Shedinja fall in battle, Infernape would play the clean-up crew, with his type coverage likely destroying (in a horribly painful fashion) whomever killed Shedinja.

Since they each have their perks, the toughest choice for me is deciding which Soak user to have on the team:
- Lumineon can also set up Tailwind or Safeguard, and U-Turns out once its job is done
- Alomomola is bulky as hell and can also use stuff like Wish and its Healer ability to help the team
- Basculin is the fastest Soak user and also gets Taunt to prevent random statuses from hitting Sheddy
- Seaking can act as a second Lightningrod user and has Megahorn to hit Grass-types that mess this up
- Golduck's Cloud Nine ability would stop sand/hail starters from coming in and laughing in my face

What do you guys think? Is there anything to improve on?

I think Seaking is the best just cause you don't have to switch. But then again, I don't play doubles.

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Okay this involves too much set up, circumstantial dependence and is pretty gimmicky imo.

  1. Toxic & Burn are still (common) options to take out Shedinja. Taunt is useless if you're facing a Prankster Pokemon, and Sableye and Whimsicott are really common in doubles (on Smogon anyway).
  2. If your Opponent has Mold Breaker (or any other similar ability like Turboblaze or Teravolt), then Wonder Guard is useless. Mold Breaker is pretty common with Haxorus and Excadrill being so popular. Mold Breaker is not unexpected.
  3. If hazards are set up and Whirlwind is used, Shedinja will be forced out. Hazards aren't as common in doubles, but set ups are still frequent.
  4. A Pokemon doesn't have to be Grass type to have a grass move, and it doesn't have to be weak to any of the moves you have on Manectric & Infernape. Grass moves are frequently used for coverage, so it's a common enough type.
  5. You could end up facing Ludicolo or Kingdra (or even Palkia pfft), which will take neutral damage to Fire, Ice, Grass & Electric. They'll be especially dangerous in rain with swift swim.
  6. All of your options for Soak are pretty slow. Shedinja is likely to be taken out before that, even with a focus sash since this in doubles/ triples.
  7. All of the users for Soak have pretty poor stats. Okay, Alomomola has great HP & okay Def, but rubbish Sp. Def and speed.
  8. If you play over wifi, there are obv. no tiers so your opponent can use any Pokemon against you, namely Excadrill, Reshiram & Zekrom. Even on Smogon doubles, those Pokemon are not banned.
  9. Unexpected Gastro Acid. Wonder Guard cancelled.
  10. So Shedinja faints, and all you have is Infernape. Infernape is frail. Without good team support in doubles, it won't be able to sweep for long. You're not pitching Infernape 1:1, but 1:2. If it doesn't OHKO both opponents it will be swept very easily.

Best Soak user - Seaking, since it has Lightningrod.

My advice: Shedinja isn't a Pokemon worth using. Mediocre attack stat and requires too much circumstance to stay alive.