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Didn't it vary between games?


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Morning Morning, an hour in which many Pokémon Trainers are still asleep, is when there are many Bug-type Pokémon scurrying out and
about. For the most part, however, Morning is much the same as Day, as
far as Pokémon distribution goes. Morning lasts from 4:00 AM to 9:59
AM, and the rising sun tints the entire landscape with a yellowish

Daytime near the water. Day The daytime is the busiest time in the
Pokémon world, as most people are up and about at this time. The same
is true of Pokémon, who appear often and in many varieties. The
landscape is not tinted at all during this time, making it seem closer
to the timeless games of Generation I. Day lasts from 10:00 AM to 5:59
PM. Night A drastic change from the other two time periods, at night
most Pokémon are sleeping, with the exception of a few night owls. It
is at this time that players will be able to find the most sleeping
Pokémon by Headbutting trees, which will give them an advantage in
battle. The entire world will be colored a bluish-purple, and lights
will be on in buildings all over. The longest of Generation II's three
time periods, nighttime hours last from 6:00 PM to 3:59 AM. - Bulbapedia about Gen II

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Thanks, I really needed that! R/S/E are the games without Day/Night, correct?
Exactly. Kind of messed up, but the whole game itself (Emerald) makes up for it wonderfully.