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I've always wondered about this,so I'm going to ask.If your enemy is frozen and you do a fire type damaging move,the Pokemon would heal its frozen status.If your enemy is burnt and you do a damaging water type move,could the Pokemon heal its status?


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No, it is not possible to un-burn an opponent by using a water move. In RL, if you are burned, running water over it will soothe it, but the burn remains, the same applies to Pokemon.

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No, you have to use items,
But there are some moves that can eliminate burn which are
Heal bell
Psycho shift(this transfers its status to its opponent)

He wasnt asking how to heal burns, he was asking if they could be healed by using water moves on the burned pokemon.
I gave him the answer to the question in the first sentence and some tips after to show him there are some non water moves to cure burn