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Two are exclusive to B/B2 and the other two are exclusive to W/W2. The Burn Drive and Shock Drive are obtained in Pokémon Black or Black 2, while the Douse Drive and Chill Drive are obtained in Pokémon White or White 2. So you must get them from the other game that you dont have by doing the same event and trading.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Drives

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Genesect - Burn/Douse/Chill/Shock Drives
Location: P2 Lab

When you obtain a Genesect from a special event, if you take it to the P2 Lab, you will find a scientist in there. He will tell you about how he was the one who researched Genesect and modified it to aid in Team Plasma's plans, but failed to win the approval of N with his methods. He will challenge you to a battle. if you defeat him, he will gift you two special drives. These items, when attached to Genesect, will change the type of its special move; Techno Blast. There are four drives but they are exclusive to each game.you cant get all in the same game without trading over them from another game