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When Genesect was released hey was said to have 14( for every other type) not just water, fire, and electric, and ice.

Where did you hear that Genesect would get that many drives? I don't think there was ever a piece of news that said so.
I had heard that it was going to be like arceus and his plates.
I asked "where" you heard that. If it's not from a site like Serebii/Marriland/Bulba or a source like Corocoro, it's not trustworthy.
I don't remember but why only add ice water electric and fire?
sounds dodgy XD
Can I still have an answer though?
I doubt anyone has the answer because none of us have heard about it having 14 drives.

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I don't know where you heard that Genesect would have 14 drives but that isn't the case.
Genesect probably only has Fire, Electric, Water and Ice type drives because they are some of the main elements.

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Unless it was an unreliable source, I.E., some random dude online or something like that, then you didn't hear it. Genesect was initially only supposed to have 4 drives, not all of them like Arceus. Arceus is the god of Pokemon, so it make sense that it should be able to convert to each type. Genesect doesn't.

Hope I helped!