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I used an AR code to trigger the Genesect event, so I have the normal "Faithful Encounter" Genesect, but I still cant transfer it to Pokemon Y. My AR triggered event Darkri, and Shaymin went through just fine, but for some reason it wont let my transfer my Geneset using Poke-Transporter. I've seen people transfer their AR triggered event Genesects using Poke-Transport, and the fossil guy in Ambrette Town will give you the drives, so there must be a way to transfer him. Is there an ID modifier AR code I can use to get Genesect over, or an AR code that gives me a transferable Genesect?


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This might be due to the App not recognizing the Event Genesect as a Legit Pokémon. That is either a glitch, a code used for cheating, or its simply programmed.

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Edit: There is no AR Code Event I've ever heard of, so its probably a cheat.

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These are the possible reasons why your Genesect didn't go through Poke-Bank:

1.It must be level 15

2.Its OT should be Plasma.

3.It's moves should be: Techno Blast,Magnet Bomb,Solar Beam,Signal Beam.


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Technically, it needs to be Legit. It needs to do have its starting stuff like you said, but you could only get Genesect by Wi Fi.
You can transfer AR pokemon if it SEEMS legit to the pokebank and for that you have use these things.Don't downvote jusn't because you don't know how to do these things -_-