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I got my Genesect from a friend and I dont have the drives. Is there another way to get them?
My friend doesnt have them.
Whenever I enter P2 labratory nothing happens.
I dont have an AR to get the event Genesect.

Please note this is for Black 1.


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Well, you do have to have Genesect in your party like Solumni said, but it could be because it's hacked. You need the event Genesect to get the Drives, and if it doesn't say "Apparently had a fateful encounter at Lv. 15", then it's hacked, not the event Genesect, and there is no way to get the Drives.

Also, make sure you're talking the scientist and not just walking in. :P

Hope I helped! :) Source: Experience.

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In order to get the drives from the lab, Genesect needs to be in your party. :3

He will battle you, and then he will give you the Shock Drive and the Burn Drive. (different drives for White and White 2)

Hope I helped. :)