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It came from Japan.
Has an ID number of 07133
It is hasty natured
Has the ability Download
It is level 100
Has pokerus
knows blaze kick, techno blast, ice beam, and you turn
Comes in a cherish ball
Says " a fateful encounter seems to have led it across space and time to reach the Kali's region from the Unova region"
From Unova
Has a wishing ribbon


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Yes. That is the Shiny Extreme Speed Genesect event that only took place in Japan.

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Dammit, got Ninja'd!
Thanks for giving me the source, really helps a lot. I can always depend on serebii.net
No problem :D
What... Is my genesect still real even though it doesn't have the blue pentagon?
Hey thanks guys, I now know that I got a legit shiny genesect, mine has those moves same ribbon same region same moves,(got rid of extreme speed) but it was from a trade partner from japan
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It is the Event Genesect that was hosted a while ago in Japan.