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-Usable in OU
-doesn't get STAB

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Meloetta, Gengar, Starmie, Porygon-Z, Froslass, also Reuniclus, credit to bcorr for that one.

Source: Experience

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you've experienced moloetta's thunder?
No, I looked at it's SAtk stat, which determines the power. It has the highest SAtk of non-STAB Thunder users, and with Specs and max investment, it has to hit hard.
hey! That is just stealing my answer.
I'm doing this on my 3DS, do you know how hard it was to check through that moveset searcher?!
Is there some more you can think of
I will try
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A glass cannon with maxed special attack like gengar or froslass with life orb or choice specs will hit very hard.

You can also use Reuniclus who can act as a tank. It has very high special attack.

uxie , mespirit, azelf could work.

Dragonite would be a great choice as well

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you could also use mismagius. I recommended him on your politoed question.
if they are uber I will edit it out
They are respectively RU, RU and UU.