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i start with a female tepig it has 20 HP and if it is male it has 21 HP why?
(dont trying to be ofending females that always hapened to me)

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I had the same problem with my purrloins. It is just because so EV's and IV's

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Males do not have more HP. The reason for this is that the male had higher HP IV's than the female tepig.

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thanks i was always wondering
youre welcome
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It could be EV's
this will help you:

It could also be the IV's;

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it doesnt matter the nature it was always like that even the have different natures
There is no nature that boosts HP
your right, sorry
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Meh, not true at all. It just depends on the IVs that the Pokemon is set with. It is that your male Pokemon just gets better IVs than your female Pokemon did. Nothing wrong with that.

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It had started with more HP IV's then the female counterpart

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that always happens every time it is female 20 male 21