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Or is this situation similar to the Ditto situation where it can breed with any breedable Pokemon without fail? I wanted to know the basics before I started breeding moves onto other Pokemon.


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At first, what are you meaning by Smeargle breeding? If you are meaning passing down moves, then no. Generation 6 onward, both male and female can pass down moves.
If you are Meaning passing down moves on another Pokemon, then yes. Because if you breed with a female smeargle, then smeargle will hatch smeargle.
For more info about breeding, go here

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It's not like Smeargle is so difficult to breed, it's just like any other Pokemon. There's nothing special about it, just pair it with something else in the Field Egg-Group and you'll be fine.
If you want your offspring to be a Smeargle then you'll either need to use a Ditto or catch a female Smeargle, because hatched Pokemon will always be the species of the mother.
I imagine your confusion might come from how Egg-Moves work with Smeargle. Just so you know, Smeargle can't learn any Egg-Moves, however Smeargle can pass down Moves that it acquired via Sketch if it's offspring can learn it as an Egg-Move.

Hope I helped.