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Okay, so I had this Clefable holding a Life Orb. I noticed that it never took damage from it.

Was it because the Clefable's ability was Magic Guard? So then it doesn't take damage from anything but attacks? And if it doesn't receive damage from the Life Orb, then does it still get the boosted power from Life Orb?


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Yes magic guard prevents life orb recoil
Yes it can only recieve damage from direct attacks
Yes it gets the life orb boost

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>Magic Guard will also cancel out Life Orb's HP deduction without negating its power boost.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Life Orb

Yes, it was because of Magic Guard. This is a very common strategy with pokes like Alakazam.

It will only take damage from DIRECT attacks, meaning a Pokemon comes at you with the intent to hurt you. So no damage from things like Poison, Burn, Stealth Rocks, etc.

You still receive the 30% boost, so don't worry about that.

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