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Say if I had a Pokémon that held a life Orb. Will it take damage if I use something like dark void or will-o-wisp?


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No, the Life Orb will only activate (and thus drop 10% HP) if you hit a non-Status move and it successfully deals damage. Dark Void and Will-o-Wisp are status moves, unaffected by the Life Orb.

Pokemon with the Sheer Force ability are capable of using attacking moves and getting the Life Orb boost, but never taking damage from it, so long as they use a move boosted by their ability.

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sheer force does not affect life orb, common misconception.
Explain? Sheer Force negates the recoil from Life Orb, so from what I can gather it DOES affect Life Orb.
no, sheer force negates life orb recoil only when the attack has an additional effect.
I have not misconceived anything. Do some research if you do not believe me. But yes, I forgot that detail sumwun mentioned. I'll add that in now, thanks!