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Fire cannot suffer from a burn.
Poison types cannot be poisoned.
Ice types cannot be frozen.
Why then can electric types be paralyzed? I thought Pokemon could not endure a status of its own type.

Sorry my answer didn't make sense. I got rid of it.
You also have to remember that paralysis doesn't just come in the form of Thunder Wave (electric move), but Body Slam (normal move) can also paralyse a Pokemon.

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Because Game Freak wanted them like that. It also may have to do with that Electric pokes having one weakness.

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I have a few points to make.

  • Nobody said status conditions were assigned a type. Scald can cause a burn, for example.
  • Ground types have immunity to paralysis instead when caused by an Electric move.
  • If Game Freak wanted it that way, that's that.
Excellent point Fizz. I had never thought of it like that.
Actually for some reason, when a wild Excadrill made contact with my Emolga in W2, it got paralysed by static. Same happened to a Sandshrew. Game freak logic. :/
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Because GameFreak wanted it like that.

Source: Experience.

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