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I traded N's zorua for a cresselia so how do I get a Zoroark???

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why did you do that ? you can catch Cresselia in Marvelous bridge .
it was his choice
just wondering
I couldn't find cresselia in marvelous bridge.
Did you finish the game? Get the Lunar Wing? Lmfao. xD
I got the Lunar Wing but I remember the ghost girl saying driftveil drawbridge, not Marvelous bridge.
Go to Marvelous Bridge.I have Cresselia.

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Sadly you cannot get zoroark in bw2 unless you have either N's zorua or you have a traded zorua/zoroark because there is no way to get zorua or zoroark in the wild.

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what you can do is just go on gts netogations, trade a Pokemon for a zoura(many people have them so its not hard) and then get it to lvl 30 :)