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This is what happened.

Foes Charizard used fire punch
My Zoroark used protect for 3 turns
Foes Floatzel used aqua jet and is supposed to KO my Zoroark, but it said "it hung on to focus stash"
What happened??!

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Um, you used protect, and unless it failed or some Pokemon used feint, you shouldn't have taken any damage. Can you please be more descriptive?

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Most likely,if your Zoroark was holding leftovers,it would have gained health while it used protect for 3 turns and its HP might have came back to 100%.Then the focus sash would activate.
If it was not holding leftovers,you might have accidentally given it a focus band instead of focus sash.
Focus Band(Bulbapedia):
There is a 10% chance that when the holder is hit by an attack that would otherwise cause fainting, it can survive with 1 HP. Can also protect against multi-strike moves, recoil damage, self-inflicted confusion damage, and damage from Future Sight or Doom Desire.
Hope I helped.

The thing is about your first paragraph is pokemon can't hold more than one item :P
Oh really? I distinctly remember being able to bug out PS and have an Exeggutor with both White Herb and Sitrus Berry. :P
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You are right, Focus Sash is not supposed to do that.

Are you sure you did not give it Focus Band? That would explain what happened here. Focus Band has a 10% chance of working each turn.