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Whenever I send out my Zoroark in battle, it gives of a glow circle effect in the bottom of the sprite even though its not a shiny. What's up with it?


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That's the Zoroark you got from Rood in Driftveil, and as it's N's previous Pokemon, it has that effect; all of N's previous Pokemon will have a green glow around them when entering into battle (though with Zoroark, the green glow will only happen when he enters the battle as Zoroark and not as something else with his Illusion).

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Was this by any chance the Zorua you got from Rood?

Because if it was, this is N's Pokemon. A Pokemon with perfect IVs. Something incredibly, incredibly rare to appear in any Pokemon. N's Pokemon can appear all over the place in Black 2 and White 2 with the help of the Memory Link, as they were released by N. They all have a set nature, and a set level - everything is set. Plus, since N once had these Pokemon, the Pokemon are treated as traded Pokemon. Meaning, they get boosted experience.

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not perfect IV's actually, 30 in  each stat... HP Fighting woo!