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mine has

night daze

hyper beam



please anwser


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I Suggest this
[email protected] orb

  • Nasty Plot : Get all the other moves power up
  • Night daze. STAB Zoroaks Signature move
  • Focus Blast : Great power
  • Flamethrower: To take down Ferrothorns & other stuff

Zoroark is soo powerful with Nasly plot it making him to be an amazing killer making him be difficult to wall I think that not even snorlax could wall him


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Focus Blast sucks. It keeps missing when I need it the most. I would use extrasensory or shadow ball instead of focus blast if I were you.
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Firstly: Hyper Beam is not a good move for Zoroark; most moves that need to recharge are bad options. Also, Zoroark is frail, and Hyper Beam forces you to recharge, which means Zoroark has to stay in battle for a wasted turn.

For a forth move, I would go with U-Turn, and replace Hyper Beam with Nasty Plot. I would suggest Extrasensory, but that needs to be bred onto Zoroark. Since this is in-game, you can get away with only have 2 main attack moves.

Lastly, you don't need the U-Turn TM for Zoroark, just go to the move relearner at PWT, and U-Turn will be available for reteaching to Zoroark (since it learns the move automatically at the start).

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U-turn would be a good fourth move.
With Zoroark's ability and speed you can send him out first and u-turn to a Pokemon of your choice. Zoroark also has a good attack so U-Turn would be a pretty good move.

You can teach it to Zoroark via TM.

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I would recommend snarl. A relatively weaker move that lowers Special Attack by 1. With Zoroark's high special attack will make it a somewhat decent move.

If snarl doesn't make the cut, I recommend these:
Hyper Voice - a strong special attack, yet can be countered by soundproof
U-turn - from the suggestions from MrKijani and Marzipan
Calm Mind, which can boost both Special stats. Never hurts to have more of a advantage.