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Night Daze or Dark Pulse?

Focus Blast or Flamethrower?

The confirmed other two moves are U-Turn and Extrasensory.
Are those good with Hasty Nature?

I need answers and reasons please.


2 Answers

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Try this moveset:
Zoroark @ Expert Belt / Life Orb
Trait: Illusion
EVs: 252 Spd / 4 Atk / 252 SAtk
Hasty Nature
- Night Daze
- Flamethrower
- U-turn
- Extrasensory

The item has your preference; more power on everything with recoil or more power with super effective hits with no recoil. I'd prefer Night Daze over Dark Pulse because it has more power. I also like its added effect of lowering accuracy. I'd choose Flamethrower over Focus Blast for one main reason, the accuracy difference. I don't know about you but I hate missing Focus Blast when it matters the most. Flamethrower would be my choice because it can also hit Zoroark's Bug weakness that Focus Blast cannot.

Hope I helped on what to put for your Zoroark.

Thanks so much balin1998 and yes, I also just freak out when my hp is low and focus blast misses.
I just want to get into the game and kick the pokemon!
No problem. I'm glad I could help.
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Am I too late to state my opinion? Well, too bad. I'm saying it anyway. xD

I actually think that Dark Pulse is better over Night Daze.
Night Daze is 85 Power and 95 Accuracy, however Dark Pulse is 80 Power and 100 Accuracy.
You'll guarantee yourself a hit, as well as a very similar power hit to Night Daze.

Also Night Daze only lowers the opponent's accuracy, whilst Dark Pulse makes it flinch sometimes. It's a very tough decision, but quite frankly I'm all in it for Dark Pulse, mostly because of it's loyalty to me (never heard of Night Daze until now xD) and that flinching can make things SO much easier.

And, as for obvious reasons that I think don't need to be explained, Flamethrower FTW. Lol.

flamethrower. what's so bad about it?