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When my Zoroark is the last Pokemon in my party and I send it out, it sparkles. Why?

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My Zoroark is NOT shiny.

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Yeah that happens to my Zorua too in Pokemon White 2 but I don't know why.
It was kinda like green rings

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This is because Zoroark was originally N's Pokemon.l When you do a game sync in Black 2/ White 2, it' possible to encounter N's Pokemon in certain areas and they give off a green sparkle.

Source - experience

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ya there were green rings of sparkles
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Did it look something like this?

If so, it's because your Zoroark got a Strange Ending in Pokestar Studios. It's completely normal, and it does nothing to your Zoroark, so you don't need to worry about it.

If it looked like this, then it's because it's N's Zoroark. Check it's OT to see whether or not this is the case.

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My one didn't look like that I'm sure it was different.
Edited. Did it look like the sparkle N's Pokemon makes?
Yeah that's it.
Yeah then you probably forgot that you got it from Rood. He explains that it previously belonged to N.
No I just didn't know that happens to N's pokemon.
no it was green colour