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Ok, so I got N's Zorua in Black 2 and it has since evolved into a super-awesome Zoroark. I know it has Illusion as its ability, and it's not shiny. But sometimes when I send it into battle (usually by switching it in) it doesn't become the Pokemon in the back of the party. Instead, it stays a Zoroark but sparkles when I send it in. (As I said before, it's not shiny.) So what's wrong with it? Why doesn't it transform sometimes? Why does it sparkle if it's not shiny? Is something wrong with it?

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me to also with my n`s ferroseed and my dewot but my dewott shoots out a star and explodes it so tell me how to get it and its name also how to get rid of it

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Ok, so I conducted some tests on my DS. I know exactly what you are talking about because it has happened to me I i always wondered "WTF?!".

So I put Zoroark 2nd in party like you did. Scizor was was first so he went out. My last Pokemon was Tornadus.

I switch to Zoroark and he changed to Tornadus, as expected. Then I switched to the real Slim Shady... I mean Tornadus.

So now, Tornadus is 1st and Zoroark is my last Pokemon. I switched to Zoroark, and he stayed Zoroark. I'm guessing because he was the last in the party, he can't copy himself so he went out as himself.

So that is it: Zoroark will stay Zoroark if he is last in the party.

I know you said he was 2nd in your party, but through the course of any battle, you will be switching alot, so he will probably enter Slot #6 sometime

I think that's exactly right. The sparkle that N's Zorua/Zoroark makes is different from a shiny sparkle. The rest is just team positions and how it affects the Illusion Ability, and that's all.
My last party pokemon was a volcarona, and zoroark was in the second slot. The opponent sent out a pokemon that would've probably owned my serperior, so i switched zoroark in and it didn't transform.
and this was a full team of 6??
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All of N's previous Pokemon sparkle. I dont know why it wouldnt transform but its probably because when you switch it in it is the last Pokemon in your party. When it is the last Pokemon in your party it will not transform it will not use its ability illusion to change.

No, it was the second in my party, and my entire team was fully healed.
idk what to tell u then.  Have u ever cheated with an action replay or something else?
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