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I don't really know how to make that question any lesser (or clearer I guess) than that, but, I am worried of my Pokemon's stats and how it will perform in the upcoming competition. Zoroark, one I got from the sage that was first a Zorua, has some really bad stats. I'm going to participate in a few days, But I can't seem to do anything to make it stronger than it was around Level 25 than it was in driftveil. It's a Level 47 now and has 70 in defense and 75 in Special Defense but everything else is in good standing. I just can't seem to make it's Defense and Special Defense stats any higher.

I don't know if I made it clear, But I just want to know what to do to make it stronger so it can atleast take damage a bit more. II'm also sorry if this seems subjective, in the wrong thread or not clear, but I can try to explain this a bit more if I were asked for whatever is needed to make this question a bit easier to understand.


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Welll...I think you should take a look at this. That will explain why your Zoroark's stats aren't growing the best.
Secondly, Zoroark has bad base Defense and Special Defense. That means that even if you put full defensive investment in it, it will still not be the best. I
recommend that you use some EV reducing Berrys, then train it in Attack, Special Attack, and/or Speed. That will help it reach its full potential.
A different Pokemon would be better for taking hits. I think your Zoroark would do best as a speedy attacker(also known as a sweeper).

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So, what can i do if I already have two pokemon to do that purpose? I got Serperior as my wall and Samurott as the speedy attacker with its Aqua Jet. I do have a Venasuar for atleast covering Zoroark instead of them two. but, I don't think have any one to cover Zoroark as a speedy attacker.
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Zoroark is meant to have low defence and special defence; that's how it is for the entire species.

The Zorua (now Zoroark) you got from the Sage was previously N's Zoroark, and all of N's Pokemon have near perfect IVs (30 in each stat). If you don't know what IVs are, they're short for "Individual Values", which is basically a predetermined number system that dictates how well your Pokemon will perform in battle. The maximum IVs for any stat is 31, so N's Zoroark will perform very well in battle.

Click here for a longer explanation of IVs.

Take a look at Zoroark's base stats

Zoroark cannot achieve any higher in its defences, because that's just how it was made. Investing anything in its defences is a waste of your time.

Competitively, what you want for your Zoroark is speed and attack, not for it to take damage. It's there to sweep your opponents as fast as possible without it taking much damage. You'll need another Pokemon to take damage for it, probably something like Bronzong or Cofagrigus, either of which will be able to take Zoroark's weaknesses.

One way to make sure a Pokemon does better in battle is EVs (Effort Values).

Click here for a guide in EV training & information.

For Zoroark, you will need to EV train Speed and either Attack or Special Attack (depending on what set you want to run. Since the better attack moves need to be bred onto a Zoroark, I suggest you choose a special based moveset.

Zoroark @ Life Orb/ Leftovers
Ability: Illusion
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Nature: (whatever your Zoroark has)
- Night Daze
- Flamethrower
- Focus Blast
- Nasty Plot

This is what my Zoroark has (before i tried restting its EV's) :

 Zoroark w/BlackGlasses
Nature: Hasty
HP= 128
Attack = 122
Defense = 70 (Has blue, so i thought it was going to raise up a little)
Special Attack = 133
Special Defense = 76
Speed = 132 (has red, so i'm guessing lowered)

I used 1 Pomeg berry, 5 (Kelpsy?) berries and i think two Grepa Berries. I don't know of any other EV's it has wasted but, Thats right after i lowered some of its stats. I already know how to EV train, Use the Vitamins, The Berries, And~ the Macho Brace & Power Items (Which give +4 EV's to a respected stat of what item you're using, Like the Weight for HP and the Bracer for Attack) but, I just thought i can make him stronger in defense while he's still a lower level.

The Competition cuts all pokemon to level fifty, and there stats that they gained at level fifty will be reset to that level. So that's another reason i got worried of that. But if his main purpose is to be like a Sneasel, I can try that again.

I have him learn a combo of Punishment and Swagger, which is something i been succesful at doing so far. But i was hoping he get a bit bulky like some dark types so in case the opponent does hit him while it is confused, he can atleast take it to go for another hit. I am also choosing punishment because of the base power and accuracy. It has loww Power Point usage but i did find it pretty useful over Night Daze.

As for the IV's, I had no idea about it being somewhere near 31. I know what IV's are, but i didnt think it had 30 in each stat. I tried the Calculater from Marriland and Serebii but, when i set them to al 30, it came out different than what i put.
If you have been battling randomly with your Zoroark, its EVs will be all messed up.

What you need to do is reset its EVs. Feed it 11 berries for *each* of its corresponding EVs. The first Berry will reset a stat to 100 EVs, the other 10 berries will take away 10 EVs each.

Then try again with the calculator and restart your EV training.

Also, if you want higher accuracy, try Dark Pulse for 100% accuracy. Zoroark is not good at taking any damage, so Swagger is not a good idea. Punishment is a move I use only in competitive/ wifi play to get rid of Calm Mind stallers/ Baton Passers.