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It already knows earthquake and hyper beam, which im going to keep, what are 2 more that it should have? or just suggest one, and I'll train it to lv. whatever for hyper voice (the second move)


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Throw out hyper beam, the turn of charging takes its charm. My suggested set would be:

Hyper voice/Return-STAB, good power, return works great too.

Extrasensory: Goodpower, high accuracy, chance to cause flinching, used to deal with Fighting types.


Overheat-It's really unexpected, if you're willing to take the stat drop.

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Uproar:For Power

Rollout:For increasing power

Hyper Voice is stronger and allows you not to be forced to use it multiple times in a row.
Rollout is interesting but its weak power at the beginning kind of destroys it. Also its accuracy isn't that perfect and you need to stay alive constantly to be able to use it effectively.