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Right now I have wing attack but I know it is not a really strong move


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Air Slash is pretty good cause it compliments his higher special attack but Fly woul work too, if he has decent attack.

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I think Wing Attack is better than Fly because Fly is two turns. You could use Aerial Ace since it has the same power but always hits.

Actually, you could try a different type move like Dragon Claw or something. Flying only covers the Fighting type since Fire covers Grass and Bug.

Airel ace has 60 power and fly has 90
He probably means that Aerial Ace has the same power as Wing Attack, not as Fly. Dragon Claw is also a good option if Charizard has better physical attack.
WHY WAS THIS -3? It makes total sense.
Fly = 2-turn attack. 90/2 = 45 BP.
Aerial Ace/Wing Attack = 60BP.
AKA stronger than Fly.
And yes, using a different coverage attack would help, seeing as Charizard has the movepool to find something useful.
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Aerial Ace, Roost, Fly, Defog.

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Here is some Charizard Movesets:

Physical Charizard:

Swords Dance (Ups Attack 2 stages)

Flare Blitz (Stab, Does recoil damage)

Roost (Heals 1/2 of Charizards HP)

AncientPower/Earthquake/Dig (If you want to breed, AncientPower as an egg move! Earthquake is a good move for Charizard and Dig, Charizard still can't be hurt by Earthquake)
Special Charizard:

Roost (Heals 1/2 of Charizards HP)

Sunny Day (Perfect For the Solarbeam Stratergy)

Solarbeam (Instant Solarbeam with the Sunny Day effect)

Overheat/Earthquake (Stab or Earthquake??
Wall Charizard:

Rest (With the Berry that wakes you up, perfect)

Fly (Stab, the next attack by the opponent most likely to miss)

Protect (Do I need to explain)

Endure (For low HP. Then use rest)

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Air slash,

Aerial ace,

or roost if you don't mind a non hurting move.