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My tyranitar knows crunch, earthquake, stone edge, and surf should

i replace surf becuase my tyranitars attack is a lot highier than its

special attack.


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Surf only protects against one of tyranitar's weaknesses- ground types. and earthquake can be learned by several non ground pokemon. so Instead I suggest giving it a move to protect it against fighting types, its biggest weakness. (granted fighting type attacks are fairly common on non fighting types, it still helps to be prepared) I think It can learn aerial ace, it is physical, so it reaps the benefit of the attack stat. On the other hand, tyranitars special attack isn't terrible, it can still do a fair amount of damage.This is just a suggestion though.

By the way you frazed that I don't think you know that tyranitar ISN'T ground type.
I know if you read the first sentence, it says that ground is referring to his weakness. I know it's a rock type.
I know it is a dark rock type I have said that in several answers
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You probably should get rid of it. Aerial ace would be good, but earthquake can deal with fighting types. No one knows why, but it is a physical move, so it will actually do more than aerial ace.(Earthquakes attack power is 100 compared to aerial ace's 60). Always remember, tyranitar is a dark/rock type.

 Protect would be a good move, since your ability is sand stream.

                  Always take advantage of abilities:)
Sand Stream does not do enough damage to warrent Protect.
Protect is a good move for other reasons any way. Why would you give it to someone else and not someone with sandstream.