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Pros and Cons-

Sky uppercut-
Pros: higher accuracy, STAB, Blaziken's attack is higher.
Cons: not as strong as Focus Blast.

Focus Blast-
Pros: way stronger, STAB.
not as accurate, MY (nature) Blaziken's special attack isn't as good.

They're both kinda even! PP isn't a concern because I have 20+ PP ups. Which one is better though? I'm kind of leaning toward sky uppercut.... but they're close. The huge power advantage makes me like Focus Blast though.


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If nature is a problem, go with Sky Uppercut then. Another option is to get Superpower. While the stat drop is annoying, you can always switch out. Sky Uppercut is more reliable, which is why it would be used.

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Id Have to Go With Uppercut AND Swords Dance. That would be Awesome. Thats ur Best Bet. Plus Blze Kick, and Stone Edge:)

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Well seeing the pros and cons, I think Sky Uppercut, would be the best for blaziken, it can do a lot of damage if you have a well trained blaziken and also can hit pokemon that used fly, a very good thing considerating that blaziken is weak against flying type.

I have other moves for that. besides, it's still weak against flying types.