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whitch would be the best sweeper

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Well, for sweeping, all of those Pokemon would be sufficient for there respective tiers. Deoxys-Attack is the best sweeper of the selection, but Jirachi is also sufficient, able to run the infamous HaxRachi set, or a Calm Mind + Wish bulky set (The better of the 2 IMO), in which Jirachi will set up as many Calm Min'ds as possible and then sweep. Mew can run a plethroa of sets, and is quite a viable in UU, but it is outclassed by Azelf.

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i did have a Mew with over 500 Sp.Atk(i have no idea). My Deoxys-Balanced has 357 on Attack, SpAtk, and Speed, and the defences have the same pattern. And Jirachi hasen't seen the light of battle in over 2 months, so...