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I have one.

BTW it is up 4 trade!


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Rare but not very rare if you are in Japan.

In Japan there has been a shiny Jirachi event that started December first 2014 and ended May 28 2015. So in Japan you most likely have a Jirachi if you have gotten the game before May 28 2015. However, since the event is only available to Japanese, a shiny Jirachi is rare for thee rest of the world.
Hope I helped!

I have a legit shiny Jirachi with Moonblast but it's name is in English
It might be possible to play a japanese copy of ORAS in english.
Couldnt the person who obtained the japanese jirachi changed it to an english nickname?
I believe not, since the OT and ID are set for the event. So an English one isn't possible.
Not legit
Nvm i got my games messed up it is in Y.
I dont live in Japan. That would be strange because i am writing this in English
I know, I'm just saying that the event is only available to japan