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I think I got the answer.

Rotom's forms only have different typings in Black, White, Black 2, and White 2. In Gen IV games, such as Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver, all Rotom forms are Electric / Ghost.

>In Generation IV, it was Electric/Ghost regardless of its form.


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I think you've made a mistake.Every form is Electric Type,but the secondary type changes according to the form.For Example : Normal Rotom = Electric and Ghost.

                                                      Frost Rotom = Electric and Ice

So the secondary type changes according to the form Rotoms in.

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No, I changed it to Frost form and it was still Electric and Ghost.
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3 words. Because it does.

The typing does change when when the form is changed. When it changes into a fridge, it's ice type. When it is a Fan, then its flying type. The typing doesn't stay the same. Try to not get muddled up. However, the second type does stay the same, electric, I think that is what you might be getting confused about.

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Maybe You are asking of the forms changing in the pokedex.
That changes only when the wanted form is selscted to keep as default ( the thing to do when you open the forms in the pokedex start the sprite,) there is an option to turn over the forms. This way the pokedex will show what the type is set a s default like
If you set the fridge form to be the default the pokedex will show the fridge form and electric ice type!

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