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If you look at some of the Pokemon entries, such as Mew's FireRed entry or Arcanine's Yellow/HG/G/FireRed entries, the description of Lt. Surge, and, if I remember correctly, the Pokemon Mystery Dungeons indicate that there is a possible connection between real life and the Pokemon world. Is there an official explanation?

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Pokemon Is set in a sort of real world. Lt. Surge is the lightning american being american and fighting in what might have been WWII but this has not been confirmed as in the GTA V game-informer interview with one of Pokemon developers he states when they ask if Pokemon is relevant to the real world the interviewee gives a shady no more or less stating that we should consider it more as a 2nd earth although the references of the real world from everything in Pokemon (he also stated that rare candy's taste bad if eaten by a human). Most of the locations in the Pokemon world ARE actually based off of the real world (kanto region being based on the real world region of kanto in japan) and they have also confirmed that the orre region from Pokemon Colosseum is based off of Phoenix Arizona. so there is little to no real "Rift" other than the basis of the places you go in Pokemon (and the Pokemon which you get from animals)

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