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Just looking into NU usage and due to the huge amount of rocks in NU, will this severly hinder it as a useful Pokemon due to instant death?


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Would you use a Pokemon that will die most of the time upon switching in? No you wouldn't, niether would most anyone else.

Will SR kill Shedinja? Yes
Will SR kill Shedinja's usage? You bet

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Ok. But the higher usage of Spikes in Ubers does allow him to have good usage there being able to switch in and 2 or 3HKO a multitude of pokemon
Pretty sure Shedinja is hurt by spikes as well. It can be burned and poisoned too, so I'm pretty sure all entry hazards will hurt it, not just Stealth Rock.
Shedninja is messed up.
I was pretty sure Spikes didn't damage it....but I'll trust what you say.
Shedinja DO get hurt by spikes, and also hail and sandstorm