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for ex in rocky terrain in turns into rock throw what are the others?

I think you mean Rock Slide...anyway, I've got this covered.

EDIT: Humph, I guess it is Rock Throw.

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Secret Power doesn't exactly transform, but its secondary effect is different depending on the environment. It's still a normal type move.

Secret Power

Bulbapedia has the list to Secret Power's effects for all the generations it's available in. The list is a bit long to post here.

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Do you mind? I said I had this covered...or were you writing when I posted that?
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Sorry I was typing when you posted; I was deleting all the Secret Power effects from my post because I realised how long that would have made it...
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Secret Power is a Normal Type move that changes depending on what surface area you're battling on. If you were on a beach in FireRed (Last time I used it) it would resemble Mud Shot. On grassy areas it would resemble Needle Arm.

This should have all you need.