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Don't give me serebii or Showdown as a source, test it out ingame.
The easiest way to do things would be to do a battle against another person. I'll list good steps to take:

One player has Noivern with Dragon Pulse. The other player has a Florges with Misty Terrain and any other Pokemon (that isn't Flying or Levitating or Fiary).
The player with Florges leads with the other Pokemon they have. Noivern leads and hits with Dragon Pulse.
Take note of how much damage was done then start a new battle.

In this new battle, lead with Florges. Noivern must not KO it. Florges uses Misty Terrain. Florges then switches out to the Pokemon you used in the previous battle, and Noivern hits it on the switch with Dragon Pulse. Take note of how much damage was done.

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I can test this out with you tonight if you like, trachy.
Also, I removed that part from our move descriptions here, as it hasn't been confirmed.
I still haven't beaten the first Gym Leader. :D
So I'm not quite able to do it yet. Damn college.

I can indeed confirm that Misty Terrain does lower the power of at least grounded Dragons, as there is a Trainer Tips sign ingame that states this (I might not be far into the game, but my lazier roommate beat it).
Well it didn't really say anything about the changes in damage to flying types or any other types, it only said grounded pokemon      can't have status problems.(btw This is just a new profile but I know this site before I know a lot (but not all) about pokemon)

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Misty Terrain wouldn't affect Noivern since it doesn't touch the ground, but Dragon Pulse wouldn't do any damage to Florges since Dragon type moves don't affect Fairy types.

Did you test it out in-game?