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In that video at around 15:15, Landorus just got dracoed and died while misty terrain was up. I thought that misty terrain haves the power of dragon moves. How exactly does misty terrain work when it comes to dragon type moves anyway?


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misty terrain does reduce dragon type moves power by half, but only to grounded targets.
Check out it's PS description with /dt misty terrain.
It says:

Misty Terrain
5 turns. Can't status,-Dragon power vs grounded.

Even in damage calculator if you put the situation along with misty terrain active selected, it'll show same damage.
Hope I helped!

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In this case, Lando is flying type thus, not a grounded target.
You're right.  Even with misty terrain up Mega Garchomp still does over eighty percent to scarf Lando with draco. I never really understood which is which in the grounded part until now. Thanks
You're welcome!