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Maybe it's obvious and I'm dumb but I'd like to know :P


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Too bad any grounded pokémon will not get burned by Scald.
Also, as long as Misty Terrain is up, this thing cannot even use Rest.

It might be better off with Surf or Hydro Pump considering Misty Terrain won't let opposing mons get burned.


All of the time Misty Terrain being discussed, all posts tell that Scald can't burn in Misty Terrain, so nor will Discharge do.

Replay of it
In this replay, when Misty Terrain was active until Turn 8, Scald didn't burn opposing Blissey. However, after it disappearing, Scald burned Blissey on Turn 15.

Well it was bit of my unluck that it took 7 Scald after Misty Terrain to burn, but regardless Scald can't burn, nor Discharge to grounded Pokemon in Misty Terrain.

Hope this helps!

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You can get definitive proof by using Nuzzle, which has a 100% paralyze chance if such a status is possible at all, or using Zap Cannon or Inferno against an opponent with No Guard, or by skill swapping Serene Grace onto something with Sacred Fire.
Ah that thought was out of my mind. Thanks, I will do that next time!