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I want to know which moves have the highest chance to inflict a condition. I'm talking about the Sleep, Burn, Poison, Paralysis, and Freeze conditions. If there are more than one moves with the same chance, then include both of them. This is for attacking moves only.

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Do you want status moves or only attack moves?
Attack moves.
Freeze on all moves are 10% I think
Para is zap cannon and burn is inferno
Poison is sludge bomb and poison jab
 toxic poision is poison fang
I don't think any moves have a chance to sleep

Also if you count g max moves this changes a bit

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Not counting Gmax moves, spinoff moves or secret power.

Sleep: Relic Song with a 10% chance.

Poison: Poison Fang has a 50% chance to poison.

Paralysis: Buzzy Buzz and Nuzzle are 100% accurate moves that paralyze. Zap Cannon has a 99.6% chance to paralyze if it hits.

Burn: Burning Jealousy is 100% accurate but only burns if its stats had been lowered that turn. Inferno is 50% accurate and has a 100% chance to burn and Sacred Fire is 95% accurate and has a 50% chance to burn

Freeze: Blizzard, Freeze Dry, Powder Snow, Freezing Glare, Ice beam, Ice Punch, and Ice Fang all have a 10% chance to freeze.


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Oop I'm gonna make it only attacking moves