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Such as Scald(Water type that burns), Stun Spore(Grass type that paralyzes) and Poison Powder(Grass that poisons) Those are the only ones I can think of, but I'm sure there's others. Thanks so much! Also, I think I'll count Sleep as normal.

For the purposes of this question, assume burn is Fire-type, poison is Poison-type, paralysis is Electric-type, and Freeze is Ice-type.

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Status conditions don't formally have typings. I'm going to add some detail to the question, assuming your type for each status condition matches the one that is immune to it.
Thanks Fizz.

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This question seemed fun so I tried answering it:

Beak Blast (Flying) --> Causes burn.
Body Slam (Normal) --> Causes paralysis.
Bounce (Flying) --> Causes paralysis.
Dark Void (Dark) --> Causes sleep.
Dragon Breath (Dragon) --> Causes paralysis.
Force Palm (Fighting) --> Causes paralysis.
Freeze Shock (Ice) --> Causes paralysis.
Freezing Glare (Psychic) --> Causes foe to freeze.
Glare (Normal) --> Causes paralysis.
Grass Whistle (Grass) --> Causes sleep.
Hypnosis (Psychic) --> Causes sleep.
Ice Burn (Ice) --> Causes burn.
Lick (Ghost) --> Causes paralysis.
Rest (Psychic) --> Causes sleep.
Scald (Water) --> Causes burn.
Scorching Sands (Ground) --> Causes burn.
Sleep Powder (Grass) --> Causes sleep.
Splishy Splash (Water) --> Causes paralysis.
Spore (Grass) --> Causes sleep.
Steam Eruption (Water) --> Causes burn.
Stun Spore (Grass) --> Causes paralysis.
Tri-attack (Normal) --> Causes burn, paralysis, or freeze.
Twineedle (Bug) --> Causes poison.

Source: Moves

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Body Slam is normal
Yeah, and it causes pazalysis, which is Electric Immunity, not normal immunity. trz was right.
oops they meant the type, ill fix that
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Dark Void, Dark - 100%
Grass Whistle, Grass - 100%
Hypnosis, Psychic - 100%
Rest, Psychic - Causes user to fall asleep, 100%
Sleep Powder, Grass - 100%
Spore, Grass --> 100%

Beak Blast, Flying - Causes burn if opponent makes contact in charge turn.
Ice Burn, Ice - 30%
Scald, Water - 30%
Scorching Sands, Ground - 30%
Steam Eruption, Water - 30%


Freezing Glare, Psychic - 10%


Body Slam, Normal - 30%
Bounce, Flying - 30%
Dragon Breath, Dragon - 30%
Force Palm, Fighting - 30%
Freeze Shock, Ice - 30%
Lick, Ghost - 30%.
Splishy Splash, Water - 100%.

Glare, Normal - 100%
Stun Spore, Grass - 100%.

Twineedle, Bug - 20% (Hits twice, so you could argue 40%)

And finally!
Tri-attack, Normal - Has a 20% chance to cause Burn, Paralysis, or Freeze

Hope I helped :D

"(Hits twice, so you could argue 40%)"

Iirc that's not how probability and some other legal Pokémon mumbo jumbo works? I thought that it was a bit more... complex?
It is, but each hit has a 20% chance to poison. So if both moves hit (100 accuracy, so if one hits they both hit). I am just saying that alltogether if each hit is 20% each, that makes 40% poison chance with the way Twin-Needle works. I would not argue that it was 40%, but some can and would, so I put it there :]
Thanks Polaris!
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