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I don't think there is a freeze move at all.

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Smeargle of course can learn any move, but these are the status conditions:
Nightmare-some consider this one

Burn, Freeze, paralysis, poison, and sleep are all the main ones, while the rest are the secondary ones. with the use of items, if you had a pokemon with the ability like poison point, static, or flame body, and had an item like flame or toxic orb, then filled the rest with just status moves, I guess it's possible.

This page has the methods of inflicting all the status.

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As said before smeargle can learn all the moves which includes status moves. Another pokemon that can is Gengar. Here are the moves it can learn

Will-o-wisp-burns the foe
Hypnosis-puts foe to sleep
Confuse ray-confuses foe
Toxic-poisons the foe

I know gengar can't learn a move that instantly paralyses the foe, but it can learn thunder and thunderbolt. Which can paralyse a foe. There is also no freezing move. Hope this helps.

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